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Terms and Conditions


PROSE    is a trademark of PROSE Journals ( which is part of Woods Technologies LLC. 

The information presented by PROSE Journals is furnished by Woods Technologies LLC ("we", "our", "us" thereafter) and/or site visitors and users. Any errors contained in such information shall not be made the basis for any claim, demand, or cause of action against us or any provider of the information. While we make every effort to ensure that the information provided is accurate, accuracy of information is not warranted or guaranteed.


We are a provider providing an interactive computer service for dissemination of third-party information as defined in Title 47, Section 230 of the U.S. Code. 

Reviews will provide feedback to the authors and we may make non-subject matter superficial edits to fix typos, grammatical errors, and the like. Any part of terms and conditions throughout our website that deviate from the "provider" definition should be brought to our knowledge at for correction and does not make us liable for damages, lawsuits, or any legal action. 

You acknowledge that you do not acquire any ownership rights by downloading material. Except as otherwise expressly indicated in writing or permitted under copyright law, no copying, redistribution, retransmission, publication, or commercial/non-commercial exploitation of material in any form or shape will be permitted without the express written permission from us. We have the right to remove and/or edit materials that do not comply with policies and standards of the website. 

Except as otherwise expressly permitted, you may not: decompile, reverse engineer, and reverse assemble or otherwise attempt to discover any document, article or source code. You may not access website by any means other than through the interface that is provided by us. You are not permitted to retrieve and store in electronic or any other form any material part of the databases underlying the website. All commercial/noncommercial and/or unauthorized use of is strictly prohibited. Furthermore, you may not use the website in any manner that could damage, disable, overburden, or impair the website (e.g., you may not access the website in an automated manner by use of "spiders", "robots" or otherwise), nor may you use the website in any manner that could interfere with any other party's use of the website.

To ensure legitimacy of the content within, including articles, reviews, and other submissions and uploaded content, we may ask for and collect contact information about individuals, institutions, or organizations before you make your submission. While we do not pass this information to any third party outside of PROSE Journals, you should be aware that when you voluntarily distribute personal information (such as your e-mail address or telephone numbers), that information could be collected and used by others.

If you have any questions about our terms of use, please feel free to e-mail us.

Author, Reviewer, and Editor Rules and Conduct: is a platform for professional researchers, scientists, engineers, and all others. Professional conduct is required. Profanity, obscene and/or vulgar language, physical threats, and the like will lead to repercussions determined by us as appropriate. Repercussions include rejection of manuscripts and reviews without refund.    


Submitting correspondence (including manuscripts, videos, emails, reviews, and any other form of information conveyance) grants us a permanent and endless copyright license to the correspondence. This license enables us to copy, cite, publish, reference, convey, and transmit the correspondence. Superficial edits to correspondence do not change or modify the license. We will submit the manuscript back to the author if subject matter edits are required. Authors may request removal of their correspondence from public view but this will not remove our copyrights and/or other rights to correspondence provided by law.

The copyright license extends to publication on other multimedia platforms (e.g. Youtube, Google Scholar, etc). The copyright license allows us to link correspondence to internet search engines and other means of finding correspondence by the public.

Any remuneration (e.g. payments from Youtube) received by us in reference to publication of any correspondence is our property. The Author relinquishes any right to remuneration and may not seek legal recourse.

Author maintains copyright for non-commercial publication such as university websites, personal websites, etc. 

Submissions and Payments

Payments made for manuscript and video submissions, public peer-review purchases, and professional peer-review purchases are final when payment is made. No refunds will be provided. No modifications of correspondence are guaranteed.  

Public Peer-Reviews

Public Peer-Reviews are completed by evaluators. Evaluators are not compensated by us and are not employed in any capacity by us. Evaluators agree that no legal recourse will be taken against us for any and all correspondence posted except that provided by law. Evaluators accept that their personal information will be posted as stated on the submitted Public Peer-Review correspondence. Public Peer-Reviews must be received from the email stated on the Public Peer-Review submission. Submission by anyone other than the Public Peer-Review author is prohibited.

Payments for Public Peer-Reviews may be received from anyone. No refunds will be provided if the submission is not published for the reasons stated in these terms and conditions.  

Professional Peer-Reviewers

Reviewers evaluate journal manuscripts, videos, and other correspondence for technical subject matter. Submitting to become a Reviewer is not a guarantee of becoming a reviewer. There are no guarantees of number of articles that you will review. 

When a Professional Peer-Review is purchased, Reviewers will be contacted by email with a limited timeframe to reply to a Professional Peer-Review request. The Reviewer will reply with field of expertise, education level, and bid. The bid must be in U.S. dollars. False information is the basis for complete removal of Reviewer from process and legal ramifications afforded by law. We will contact the winner of the bid. The date and time of contact is known as the 'winning time'.

The winning Reviewer is hired as a contractor to complete one (1) Professional Peer-Review of the specified manuscript and video in the contact email. The winning Reviewer will evaluate the manuscript, then watch the video, fill out a peer review form, and submit the form to the editor. The winning Reviewer will have 60 hours from the 'winning time' to submit the form to the editor. The Reviewer will be paid within 90 days. 

Reviewers must be United States citizens. We will request social security information for tax purposes (e.g. submission of W9 to IRS).

The Reviewer accepts that they are an independent contractor as defined by and are required to provide us notice if we deviate from any laws and regulations as to this definition.  

No legal recourse may be taken against us by Reviewer except those provided by law. Reviewer agrees to provide ample time (180 days) for us to come to agreement with Reviewer on differences, complaints, or the like before legal action.

Proposing a Journal

Submitting a form to propose a Journal is not a guarantee of the establishment of the Journal on the platform.  

All information provided on the form is our property and may be utilized and modified in any way, shape, or form by us.

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