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Gutenberg invented the printing press in 1440 leading to mass production of books and writings. The first professional journals were started in the 1600s providing widespread education of the public through written articles and books. Today, these journals and books are excessively priced extorting researchers for thousands of dollars per submission. As a remedy, PROSE journals provides a modern method of professional publication integrating:

   1. Affordable costs (only $25 per submission)

   2. Open access publication

   3. Required video submission

   4. Continuous public peer-review (only $10 per review)    

PROSE stands for Public Review Open Source Evaluation (PROSE). It is a play on the word 'prose' meaning 'to write and speak in an ordinary manner', and legal term 'pro se' meaning 'to speak on one's own behalf'. The former characterizes the required manuscript submission while the latter characterizes the required video submission.

Submissions are reviewed for format before being posted online (See Templates). The video is a means of publicly defending a research article and providing deeper insight into experimental setup, assays, and/or nuance that is missed in a standard journal paper. 

All manuscripts and videos are open-access and free for anyone to enjoy. Readers and viewers have the ability to submit a Public Peer-Review form for an article that is shared with the author. The author may resubmit their manuscript and video to supersede previous versions. In addition, researchers are able to utilize the platform to establish new journals for their respective engineering and/or science research community.


1. Format article and video using templates

2. Submit abstract and receive issue number in email

3. Editor provides instructions and issue number

4. Submit manuscript and video to Editor via instructions

4. Manuscript and video are published within days

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On PROSE journals, your article submission is published within days. Standard journals spend months with a peer-review process before publication and then may require authors to spend thousands of dollars to make their work openly accessible to the public. PROSE's platform is open-access with manuscripts and videos open to anyone.

We encourage reviews from colleagues and associates of the Author. The goal is to provide feedback as quickly as possible to the author. Authors are encouraged to pay others (preferably academic professors and leaders in the field) to review and submit public peer-reviews. However, the email of the person submitting the review must match the name and email on the review. Receipt emails will be sent to the email provided and reviews will be discarded without refund if it is found that the review was not from the claimed reviewer. 


PROSE Journals

PROSE was established by Dr. Kevin Woods who is the current editor on the platform. Dr. Woods is a Mechanical Engineering Researcher, Professor, and Author. The mission of PROSE Journals is to provide an open-access platform that simplifies the research publishing process while integrating modern innovations and technologies such as video submissions to reach a wider audience. 

Researchers, Engineers, and Scientists spend thousands of hours to complete research. They develop manuscripts that are submitted to legacy journals, reviewed, and held hostage by publishers to expensive subscriptions or open-access charges that range into the thousands of dollars. By contrast, after the initial submission fee, review fees are voluntary.

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